Sublime Text Plugins for our web development

From the Honcho Blog

Written by Matt Ellis on August 2nd, 2016

Here are some Sublime Text plugins we use on a daily basis to help code quicker and more efficiently.

Plugins we’re using:

Package Control
Makes it super easy to install other plugins. An easy top of the list.
Helpful and clever code expanding for HTML and CSS. Less typing, more fun.
Nice visual reference in the gutter for opening and closing brackets.
Color Highlighter
Adds real colors behind selected hexadecimal color codes - like #046380 and rgb(255, 74, 55). Works great with LESS and SASS variables too.
Craft CMS specific Twig extensions.
ExpressionEngine CMS specific syntax.
A plugin to help find conflicting key mappings.
Syntax highlighting for LESS
Statamic syntax highlighting.
Add a ton more options to the sidebar.

And we’re currently rocking the Material Theme. Nice!

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